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Online is the way TV should be.

It's watching your favorite Golden Globes moment it airs. It’s the latest episodes of your favorite Novela and hot new movies on-demand. It’s Online and it’s time to TAKE BACK Golden Globes TV Online.

Take Back Online TV

Stop suffering through thousands of channels just to find nothing on TV. Start enjoying the best of live TV without the cable company. With Online TV, there's no installation and no crazy miscellaneous fees. 3.50/mo.

The Best of Live TV

4500+ (incl. 78+ Sports) TV Channels. Exclusively Live on FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN & Skysports

Watch Anytime, Anywhere

Inside, outside, at home, or at work (hey, who are we to judge?). Watch wherever you are on your favorite device. If you’ve got an Internet connection, you’ve got Online TV.

Next level design

With our search functionality, flat user interface, and simple programming guide, Online TV brings the next-generation TV-viewing experience to life.

Easy Access

Watch instantly. There’s no eight-hour window where you’re stuck waiting at home. There’s no cable guy. There’s no cable installation. Just the live TV you want. It’s simple to sign up, and it’s easy as 1-2-3 to watch.

  1. 1. Chose Package and sign up.
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No Catch, No Kidding

No Social Security number or credit check required! Say goodbye to long-term contracts!